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The Story


A timeless piece is one that is not only appealing to the eye regardless of trends but also one that was built with generational enduring quality in mind. 
That is why our furniture is built through traditional joinery techniques that have stood the test of time. Heirloom quality furniture that will retain its elegant form and function as its is handed down the generations.



We have to confess our obsession with heightening the human experience through our constructs. End of the day, the furniture is truly valued only if the user has a pleasant experience.

 That being said, comfort to the user becomes our priority during the design and building process. Be it the shape of the hand rest or the angle of the bench seat we strive to build the perfect seat for the human.



Take one look and you will realize our furniture possesses a special element. It's called Soul.

And that will only be possible if every piece of furniture that comes out of our workshop was catered to, by a person dedicated to their role. From the designer to the craftsman to the installer, everyone has been nurtured in an environment where the best of their abilities have the opportunity to thrive. 


"Origins of The Antique"

The furniture we build is going to outlast me, you, and your grandkids. Therefore Utmost quality becomes our priority from the beginning right down to the handover.

"It's not just furniture, Its an experience"

We not only build ergonomic and timeless furniture but we strive to elevate the user's experience. The aim is to build furniture that will have you thinking, "5 more minutes please "

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